Go Eco: Indigenous Portrait Coat

stylepintr indigenous portrait coat

One of my ongoing projects has been looking for great companies to share with my readers.

I stumbled upon Indigenous, which creates organic clothing with a fair trade mission for the past 15 years. With stylish basics and warm outerwear, I had to test drive the Portrait Coat in XS. An asymmetrical button closure and a flared curve to the jacket…I admit, I am pretty taken with it.

stylepint indigenous portrait coat

With high quality construction and dense organic cotton fleece, I could brave cold Cali weather without a second thought. I wore this coat to cheer on my friends running the Spartan Sprint in Malibu a few weeks ago. It was about mid-40s and rainy…and I was quite warm and toasty. (Plus, my friends dressed up as Ninja Turtles and in this coat, I was Splinter. How perfect!)

stylepint indigenous portrait coat

When it comes to coats, I usually take my time selecting the perfect one because it’s the first thing people see during the cold weather months. I’ve always wanted a coat in a non-neutral color that wasn’t so basic and boring….and this Portait Coat is it!

Seriously, if you’re looking for some great eco-clothing, check out Indigenous.

And a non-posed photo because I’m not serious all the time.

stylepint indigenous portrait coat

Update on the Perfect Closet

It was on sale.

I’ll wear it all the time so the cost per wear will be pennies!

I just have to have it!

Those are a few things that run through my head whenever I make a purchase. But I never really need any of these things…and yet I want them so desperately. Why is that? Why do we always feel compelled to buy until we have no space in our closets, until we have to put away our warm weather clothes for the season, and still think we have nothing to wear?

The discontentment. The desire for more. Never satisfied.

When is enough…well, enough?


Last year, I wrote about my quest to craft the perfect wardrobe. I’ve done a lot of purging, organizing, shopping in the hopes of getting closer to my ideal closet. It’s in much better shape now than last year, but it is still evolving. The biggest struggle has been maintaining the self-control to shop only when necessary.

It’s the holiday season and everything everywhere is pushing me to consume, consume, CONSUME! There’s such a sense of urgency that if you don’t get it now, you’ll miss out. I had a nasty shopaholic relapse and went on an insane shopping spree. After the dust settled, I returned all of it. Sure, the items I got were nice but it didn’t hold my attention for long. It’s like cotton candy. You get a quick rush, but afterwards, you feel horrible, tired, and still unsatisfied…always searching for your next quick fix.

The problem doesn’t lie with the fashion industry (darn them for making such beautiful things), but with my own self-will and to know what I have and be content with it. The the lowest value doesn’t equal the best purchase. Quantity is no substitute for quality…or even designer goods for quality. I am still trying to find that balance to know when is enough really enough. When I can say, “I have a great closet already…all I need is a few items a year to enhance it.” Then I’m set.

And I’m almost there. A few key items and then, I’ll have a happy functional closet.

Perhaps 2013 will be a low shopping year.

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Explore Awesome with Icebreaker

icebreaker tech tee

I’ve been on a  hunt for awesome eco-friendly and sustainable companies when I came across Icebreaker.

 It’s an activewear company using merino wool instead of synthetics in crafting high quality garments. This New Zealand  brand prides itself on being transparent and ethical from sourcing their wool to delivering the final product to its consumers. They have a Baacode on most of their items which traces the fabric back to its source farms. It’s pretty neat to see videos in which you learn about the farmers and their farms.


Go to the Icebreaker website and enter the Baacode for my shirt: 458DDAE65.

icebreaker tech tee

As for the clothes, I got to try the V-Neck Tech Short Sleeve t-shirt in XS. The 150 gm is one of the thinnest and lightest weight fabrics they offer. Seemingly sheer with a burnout look, it has a relaxed fit and it feels fairly soft. I love that it’s a workout shirt but it looks and feels like a regular tee.

To test the durability and quality of this shirt, I wore it for 5 days while exercising. Between indoor rock climbing sessions and taiko drumming practice, this shirt really held up! Wicked away sweat and not even a twinge of smelliness. I know, it sounds pretty gross wearing the same shirt for 5 days in a row, but honestly…it still feels and smells brand new!

I was pretty skeptical at first, but now I’m a convert. A company that uses natural materials and has a vision to coexist with our  environment…what more can one ask for?

Currently, the Explore Awesome campaign is giving away a few items until December 31, so hurry over and enter to win!

Macy’s Fall Fashion Recap

stylepint mandi lane fall fashion macy's

I’ve finally gotten around to posting photos from the Macy’s Fall Fashion event with Mandi Lane.

Six bloggers created an outfit based on a fall trend and we got to compare our looks to Mandi’s model outfits. It was interesting to see how similar or different the looks were compared to the trend. My theme was the “Girl Next Door” and I added a bit of a tomboyish twist to it. I’ve been obsessed with madras and pageboy caps…so I had to incorporate it into my outfit. Unfortunately, I don’t get a chance to take a photo with my model counterpart.

Mandi was so entertaining and her vivacity really made the event super special. We learned a few gems about Pretty Little Liars from her behind the scenes knowledge…nothing about who A is…but just to hear how she speaks of the cast, it was a cheeky inside scoop.

After the event, I took a second glance at the Macy’s MStyleLab to snag some cool items that I missed the first time around. It’s events like these that really get your creative fashion juices flowing.

macy's mandi lane fall fashion

Edgy Rocker with Smile or Die

macy's fall fashion mandi lane

It Girl and Glam Girl with Britt + Whit

macy's fall fashion mandi lane

Tomboy with a Twist with PancakeSTACKER

macy's mandi lane fall fashion

Classic Chic Girl with DonatilaRose

macy's fall fashion mandi lane

Antique Street Girl with Inspirafashion

Preparing for Rain

stylepint rain gear

Those winter storms have definitely arrived in full force this year.

From Hurricane Sandy to early snowfall in Lake Tahoe, I think we’re going to have a pretty wet season. On the West Coast, we received a few bouts of rain and luckily, I’m prepared. I have my trusty rainboots, two raincoats for work and weekend styles, and a colorful umbrella. All in all, I’m so ready for the rain.

There’s only one thing to make my set complete…a classic Davek NY umbrella. I heard they have a lifetime guarantee and they’re super sturdy too. But I’ll hold off until my current umbrella breaks.


Casual raincoat

Classic trenchcoat


So Long Summer, Hello Fall

end of summer

It’s been a busy summer filled with traveling, eating, and silly shenanigans.

I’ve put aside my blogging duties temporarily to just enjoy life outside the internet this summer season. As much as I love fashion and reading blogs all the time, I wanted to challenge myself to unplug for a few weeks. It’s pretty amazing how much time you have when you’re not always on the computer…browsing blogs, pinteresting, and online shopping. I’ve been spending my time with friends, reading, and indulging my creative side. I really enjoy drawing and painting but I never seem to find time to do it. Now, is the time to get those projects underway!

NYFW is just around the corner with Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) and there’s gonna be a multitude of events going on for all you fashionistas. As for me, I’m having a fashion’s night “in” and I’ll probably be working on some DIY projects and prepping my fall wardrobe. Every so often, I always feel the need to change up my style to give it some freshness and interest. You, my dear reader, may not think my wardrobe is boring, but when you live with it everyday, it definitely becomes a little unsatisfying. So, I’ll be adding a few new items to cheer up my paltry closet and add some more personality to it.

Fall’s one of my favorite times of the year since I can wear all my “boyish” outfits with ease and layer it up with scarves and hats and other accessories. I’m truly a pants person at heart because I often have to push myself to wear dresses. With the arrival of fall, all those fun holiday celebrations will be here soon and I’m definitely excited for the temperatures to dip just enough to start wearing sweaters and coats again.

I’m looking forward to fall, are you?

Banana Republic x Trina Turk: Maxi Dress

banana republic trina turk maxi dress

It’s been a few weeks since the BR x Trina Turk collaboration hit stores and I’ve fallen in love with a maxi dress! Bright colors, fun prints, and super flattering silhouettes…it’s so perfect for summer!

I’m a firm believer that petites can wear maxi dresses and this dress is no exception. Made specifically in petite proportions, this maxi dress makes you look slim and tall.

banana republic trina turk maxi dress

I paired this dress with a gray vest to make it a little different. Sure, you can totally wear this dress without additional accessories, but sometimes, it’s nice when you can add your own flair to a dress. I think the vest tones down the bright colors of the maxi. Instead of a Palm Springs feel, it’s now more of a casual boho look.

Get your own dress here!

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Looks for Less: Taylor Swift

One of my favorite celebrities is Taylor Swift. I like everything about her from her catchy tunes to her quirky personality. I really admire that she’s continued to be a fantastic role model for young girls, even through being a 20-something celebrity. Plus, I LOVE her sense of style! She tends to wear a lot of feminine dresses and vintage-inspired pieces. She’s graduated from her signature sundresses and cowboy boots to be a truly fashion-savvy gal. Here are a couple of Taylor’s recent looks — and how you can get her style for less!

taylor swift red pants

Bright pants are in, and if you’re not positive how to pull them off, try a pair of red jeans with a navy and white-striped top for a nautical look. Taylor accessorizes with a simple shoulder bag, black wayfarer sunnies, and a cute yellow headband. I also love her red lip! This look is perfect for an afternoon of running errands or a lunch with friends.

Taylor Swift striped dress 2012

Again, Taylor wears a nautical style with a striped dress and some red slingback heels. Here is the actual dress she’s wearing, but it’s sadly out of stock! You can get this look with any ole navy and white-striped dress — and they’re not hard to find this spring! Notice Taylor is wearing the exact same bag and sunglasses here. I’ve noticed in her street style that she’s not afraid to re-wear basics. This goes to show that the perfect bag, basic dress, or staple jeans will give you much mileage.

Taylor Swift yellow dress 2012

I like to think of this look as Taylor’s grownup version of her sundress and cowboy boots. How sweet is this yellow and white dress, which is part of Shoshanna’s spring 2012 collection? Get the look for less with the cute soft yellow and white frock above and a pair of strappy brown heels. Wear this classy ensemble for a date night, summer wedding, or on one of those days when you just want to feel fancy.

Which look is your favorite? Do you love Taylor’s signature style?

Author bio: Sarah Heckle is a fashion blogger from Indianapolis.

Hot 2012: Fashions that Sizzle by the Pool

So maybe you’re taking summer classes to get done early with school, or maybe this summer you just need a break from sticking your nose in all those books? Even if you can’t actually get into the water this season, you can make sure you look your hottest when you are hanging at your friends’ swimming pools, by the beach, or in the hot tub. This summer, you can look your sexiest no matter your shape with 2012’s swimwear trends.

summer fashion

Going Retro

The vintage look is back, and has made its way into swimsuits. Fashion favors the high-waisted bikini with coordinating bandeau tops. For a slimming effect, use a solid-colored bottom with a patterned top.

If the Marilyn Monroe look just won’t do, consider a sexy number that has an abundance of ruffles. Fluttery triangle tops with classic tie bottoms look both feminine and delicate, without covering up too much. Mix a little vintage in by using a delicate flower-patterned A-line dress with a little ruffle at the hem. Choose a cover-up made from a light, airy fabric such as chiffon or classic cotton for the cool summer breeze.

Modern all the Way

Another new trend for hanging out by the pool this year is metallic fabric. Call it silver, bronze or gold, these shiny metal hues make even the palest of bodies look tan. A sexy cut-out one piece paired with chunky wedges and a floppy hat will ensure that you are the best dressed woman casually sipping a pina colada at your next pool or beach party.

Some may not favor the metallic suited look, but have no fear — you can still incorporate this season’s cutting edge trend by wearing metallic hued jewelry. A couple of tips to make sure your poolside hangout is the most enjoyable: first find costume jewelry made of metallic-hued plastic. Actual metal can burn the skin when out under the sun for long periods. Second tip — go big or go home. A tiny silver pendant isn’t going to make a statement but, a strand of big, round faux pearls says something. Make it big enough to recognize from across the pond.

Zany Prints and Hot Summer Nights

Big tropical prints, toucans, animal prints and other warm-climate flora and fauna says you are too hot to touch. Find a suit that fits your body’s curves, but choose to go a little on the wild side by using a bold print. Make it a bright color too. This year is all about pattern and color, so if you’re considering a bright pink and orange zebra print bikini, now is the time to go for it. Other big prints to look out for include:

  • Bandana scarf prints
  • Chain motifs
  • Digital prints.

Whether you are making all A’s or avoiding the lectures this summer, there is no reason why you can’t look dazzling by the pool. Pick up these leading trends to look your best hanging out with your friends at home or on a hot vacation with your friend’s from college. Wherever you will be sun bathing this summer, you’re sure to turn heads of you go with one of these bold trends.

Alexa Thomason is a graduate student in Chicago who spends her free time browsing vintage stores, traveling, and creating art. She contributes at http://www.artroommelody.com – blogging about creative inspirations and trends. Keep up with her on Twitter: @lexathomason