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jewelry television, gold quartz earrings

Thanks readers for all your awesome entries! The winner is…REBECCA! I will send you an email to get in touch, please respond promptly to receive Jewelry TV’s gold quartz earrings.

For all you gift shoppers, Jewelry Television is hosting a 96 hour Black Friday sale starting on November 27 at 12 AM. So if you’re in the giving mood or want to get a special present for yourself, check out JTV’s website for more details.

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It’s not snowing yet, but it’s raining. You know that what means…there’s gonna be snow on the mountains! Now is the best time to get your snow gear ready for the winter sports season.

One of my popular posts is about petite snowboard pants. Some kid’s and women’s styles are petite friendly, but you really have to try them on to figure out what really works for you. I haven’t tried all the brands out there but I do love Burton. Their slim fit snow pants in XXS is so tiny, I had to size up to a Small. That never happens and yet, I’m rejoicing…it’s not that I got fat, but finally there are actually sizes for people smaller than me. Unbelievably awesome, yea?

Since snow gear can be pretty expensive, I usually check out after season sales, pre-season snow trade shows, and recreation stores for deals. I don’t buy everything at once but I do pick a few items a year to build into my collection. I recently got some new goggles, neck chute, and gloves. I have a few backup items such as additional pants, gloves, and beanies in case someone forgets to bring these items. Though it’s nice to have more than one snow outfit, I try not to have more than two because then, it’s excessive to bring that much snow gear for a few days of snowboarding.

Here’s my current snow gear

snow gear, petites, snowboarding, skiing, winter sports, equipmetn

My Fave Brands

Here are a few brands that I’ve tried and loved. Not everything is exactly petite friendly, but some brands do make smaller sizes than average. Plus, kids sizes work just as well. I have owned kid’s gloves, goggles, and pants and it does the job just fine and nobody can tell that they’re kid’s specific items.

Quick Tips

Go for bright and bold colors to contrast against the white snow. It’s tempting to pick white, but as one who has  taken her fair share of tumbles from other skiers and boarders, it’s better to stick out like a sore thumb than get hit because they didn’t see you.  Several of my friends agree since it’s easier to spot you on the mountain so you don’t get lost…or at least make it easy for them to find you.

Do you have any tips or favorite brands for petites when shopping for snow gear? I’d love to know in the comments below!

*Also, today is the last day to enter my giveaway for JTV earrings! Check it out here.

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Review: English Laundry Perfume

english laundry perfume, scents, review

‘Tis the season for giving and if you’re looking for a gift for a friend or even something special for yourself, you should check out English Laundry perfume by Christopher Wicks. I received a few samples of their best selling fragrances for women and I love how they exude a luxurious aroma. It transports you to another place like the English countryside.

Though I’m no expert in perfume, I can only describe what I smell in similar terms to wine tasting. Each English Laundry perfume is quite distinct from each other with No. 7 being the most intense in profile and Signature the most subtle. Though I’m reviewing the sample sizes, the actual bottles of perfume are beautiful with transparent cases and high quality nozzles.

English Laundry – No. 7

Bold, bright and refreshing, No. 7 reminds me of autumn cider making days. The pear, melon, apricot scent takes its cue from masculine musks. A floral middle note with vanilla and sandalwood added to the finish makes this scent quite intrepid with a creamy warmth. It’s a scent for the independent woman that exudes power and tenacity.

English Laundry – English Rose

English Rose is a fairly light scent that’s reminiscent of white chocolate, floral notes, and a refreshing fruity finish. The sweet aroma evokes a sense of traveling through the rose gardens in the peak of summer. It’s a glorious fragrance that is truly timeless and I can see why it’s the most popular scent.

English Laundry – Signature

The Signature scent is the lightest and most subtle of the three fragrances in a pink ombre bottle. The sweet fruit of quince opens up to a jasmine aroma. It’s a calm cheery perfume that takes you away to a resort retreat where you can enjoy the peacefulness around you.

My personal favorite is the Signature, though English Rose comes a close second. The No.7 is a bit bold for the winter as I tend to think of it as a summer scent with its refreshing pear fruit notes. I’m sending along a few of these perfumes to my friends as gifts and I think it’s a great addition to anyone’s wish list.

Snag a bottle of English Laundry perfume here.

Readers – English Laundry is giving a free sample of English Rose to all Stylepint readers, just have to pay $1.99 for shipping and handling. Please use the code: FREEBIE with this link.


brooke, pumps and push-ups, petite fashion blogger, style, interview

Discovering petite bloggers is kind of a side hobby of mine. I like asking questions and figuring out what other petites do to find awesome clothes and stay stylish. Today, I’m featuring Brooke, a fellow petite and one of three awesome people at Pumps and Push-ups. Read on to learn about this amazing Southern belle.

Name and Blog: Brooke for Pumps and Push-Ups

Height: 4’11

Describe yourself and your personal style: Classic and glam. I am from the South, where tailored clothes and dazzling details are commonplace. As much as I love to jump on to some trends, I typically stick to classic pieces and inspiration from brands like J.Crew and Kate Spade.

Biggest fashion/clothing misconception about women like you: That it is easy to find clothes, or we can wear anything. So not true, the actual list of brands I can wear are limited and walking into a store and grabbing my size is often impossible. Blazers and jackets almost always consume me, finding a good one is a struggle.

Favorite trend of the moment: I am loving leopard accessories and oversized tops. I purchased a pair of leopard flats recently that I can’t seem to take off, they go with everything!! Oversized tops are a favorites at the moment too since I’m trying to style a growing baby bump, chic and comfortable!

Best fashion/style advice for women like you: Find brands that fit you well and go to them often. My biggest fashion mistake was wearing clothes that didn’t fit me properly.  In high school I used to walk around in jeans that were way too long all the time, the hems would get tattered and I looked a mess. If you love something enough to have it tailored, invest in that!

Favorite stores: Banana Republic, ASOS, H&M, and Ann Taylor Loft, mainly because I can always count on these store to have my size and find a great fit without tailoring. The plus side, ASOS and Loft carry petites in maternity!

Recommendations of Petite stores/brands: For shoes, Nordstrom and Sole Society, they have a great selection of size 4-5 shoes!

Got amazing style? Are you petite? I’d love to interview you…so send me an email at and let’s get connected!


Review: Boden Plaid Wool Pant

boden plaid pant, review, fall fashion, outfits, plaid wool pant

Boden Bistro Crop Pant || J.Crew tank || M+O cardigan || Topshop sandals || Thomas Pink blouse || Forever 21 hat || D&G heels

I’ve been looking for a plaid wool pant for some time and found a pair at Boden in 2P.

Bright and vibrant, this pair provides a wonderful counterpoint to the neutral basics I have in my closet. Solids and conservative colors are fine and well, but it’s nice to have a unique print to mix things up. For a petite pant, most of the time, I tend to find boring solid color pants so finding this pair is pretty awesome.

Fully lined and well constructed, this pant is brilliant! The length hits exactly where it is supposed to hit. As for the fit, well, let’s just say that I don’t quite fill it out in the midsection. As is the usual issue for my body, the legs fit well but there is a bit of a waist gap and some roominess in the hips. Still, it’s a great pair if you’re looking for something a bit out of the box.

For the plaid wool pant, I created two simple office outfits. Instead of pulling colors from the pant to create a look, I added neutrals to tone down the vibrancy of the colors. The focal point should be on the pants and anything too colorful or patterned would take away from it. So neutrals seemed to work best.

After some debate, I sent this pair of pants back to Boden because the fit didn’t work for me. But I am keeping Boden on the petite radar since they make some items in petite sizes!

What do you think of plaid pants?

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layering tees, leopard loafers, fall fashion, animal print

J.Crew Crewcuts cardigan || Old Navy tee || Gapkids skinny jeans || Dolce Vita loafers || Louis Vuitton cross body bag

Once in a while, I just want to dress casual. Bummy outfits for running errands and such. Yet, I don’t want others to realize it…so I pair a simple layering outfit with some leopard loafers.

I recently got these “new to me” loafers via Poshmark. Whenever I try a new shoe trend, I usually purchase a cheaper version and wear it out. If I still like it after the shoes break, then I’ll purchase a better quality version. That way, I don’t have to spend as much trying on trends if I don’t think it will last or look good on me.  I tested it out with several pairs of ballet slippers and realized that I need more support than that style offers so I no longer wear them. I experimented with a pair of oxford flats and it was a success that I eventually bought a high quality set.

For me, loafers are in the new shoe territory. I used to think that it was only for old people but with the past few season of smoking slippers and updated loafers, I’m finally coming around. I’m testing out this pair of Dolce Vita loafers and if it’s a success after this year, I might purchase a better quality pair. It’s one way for me to indulge in trends in a risk-adverse way.

What do you think about leopard loafers?


jewelry television, gold quartz earrings

Aren’t these earrings beautiful?

If you’ve been following along, my last three posts have featured these gold quartz earrings. They are so beautiful that I don’t want to take them off. This is the 5.14 ct. Marquise Smoky Quartz earrings in 18k gold over sterling silver. Well-constructed, high quality, and a great statement piece…what else is there to say?

As it is Jewelry Television’s 21st birthday, they are celebrating with a slew of awesome accessories at affordable prices. I already have a few items to add to my wish list just in time for the holidays. There are a few pieces I’ve selected as gifts for friends and I’m sure they’ll love it just as much as I do.

I haven’t mentioned about these earrings until now because I wanted to kick off a fall giveaway. I wanted to thank all you wonderful readers for following my blog and you deserve something really special. So, enter to win these pair of earrings (a new set, not the pair I’m actually wearing) when you follow the instructions below!

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