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I’ve come to love uniforms, especially a blue uniform. It’s calming and it’s easy to match.

Many fashion sites advocate wearing lots of black and white outfits, but I love blues. It’s not as severe as black and not as high maintenance as white colored items.

Stylepint spring outfit, borrowed from the boys blue uniform: Navy silk blouse, light blue pants, statement necklace, pageboy cap #blue #spring #borrowedfromtheboys #petite

Thomas Pink silk blouse  || Uniqlo blue pants || Fossil necklace || Kangol cap

Simplifying silhouettes and creating uniform looks are an easy way to get dressed.

For this particular look, I paired a loose silk blouse with fitted skinny pants. Add some statement and boyish accessories for a borrowed from the boys look. Swap out the boyish styles for classic pumps and pearls for a preppy look. With a simple blue uniform, the accessories make all the difference.

I’m a huge advocate of keeping things simple and streamlined. You don’t need a ton of jewelry to look chic. You don’t need a gazillion layers to stay stylish. All it takes is a simple foundation and a few key pieces to elevate your look from basic to interesting.


With spring cleaning in full swing, I wanted to document my spring capsule shoe collection.

It makes me more aware of what I have and what I do not need.

For the past several years, I’ve been streamlining my closet to the point where I’m content with what I have. I don’t go to the mall as often since I want to spend my time on more meaningful experiences.

Stylepint features mesh black ballet flats #shoes #spring

Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t buy things at all. In fact, my first shoe purchase this year are these mesh black flats from Saks Fifth Avenue this past weekend.

I absolutely live in flats and my leopard loafers look horrendous. I’ve had them for four months and they are completely falling apart and no longer supportive! Tragic, no?

I strongly dislike it when shoes don’t last more than a year because I skimped on quality for price. I thought I was buying quality, but who am I kidding? I picked the leopard loafers because I thought them pretty, not really checking for their durability. This time, I checked the quality and it’s a step up from the loafers. So, I bought them and walked out the door with them on my feet. $50 well spent.

Anyways, here’s my spring and summer shoe collection. 10 pairs of shoes including my new flats.

Spring Summer Shoe Collection

Black pump || Brown pump || Brown brogue || Beige sandal || Beige wedge || Black wedge || Brown sandal || Gold sandal || Leopard print loafer

I’m not very creative when it comes to shoes, I much prefer neutrals that go with everything. Black, brown, beige…it’s what works for me. I tried to go bold with leopard print loafers and though I love the shoe, it didn’t last long. I’ll probably wear them for a few more weeks and it will be time to retire them.

My shoe collection has a little bit of everything to suit my lifestyle needs. I didn’t include athletic shoes since I don’t pair them with an outfit, I just wear them when I’m working out or going on a hike. I could pare down more so I’m using this season to see which shoes I wear the most and which I don’t wear at all. If I could get down to 10 shoes for my entire shoe collection, that would be amazing, but I guess I’ll find out what I need in a few months.

What do you have in your shoe collection?


I often wear a lot of blues, but this red suede skirt is something else.

It’s too beautiful to part with and yet, I struggle to pair items with it. I thought pairing stripes with this suede skirt would be the only acceptable pairing. After looking at 70s summer style, I’m inspired to create something that calls back to that era. Just a nod to the 70s without looking like I’m wearing a bohemian costume.

Stylepint feature: 70s inspired outfit with lace tee, red suede skirt, beige wedges, green fedora #boho #70s #office #work #petite

Lucky lace tee || thrifted suede pencil skirt || Michael by Michael Kors wedges || Forever 21 fedora

A lace tee and some statement earrings adds the bohemian element to this look. Keeping a streamlined silhouette makes this look appropriate for work. I get my inspiration from trends but I am selective with what I adopt.

Does it suit my personal style? Do I already have elements of the trend in my closet?

If the answer is yes, then I’m more eager to engage with the trend. I find that there are plenty of ways to refresh your wardrobe without having to buy new pieces each season. It just takes some creativity and inspiration to find new ways to wear your garments.

What’s your favorite trend for spring?


I love simple uniforms like this wrap dress with mesh ballet flats. It’s feminine and professional.

I realized that a wrap dress is perfect for warm weather seasons. I bought this dress at a thrift store right after college, looking for something that would look more mature and professional. At first, I refused to get it tailored because I thought it looked decent. But after a few trips to the tailor, it suits my frame well. A little shorter than knee length with the sides slimmed to emphasize my waistline…for a few bucks I now have a dress that looks like it’s made for me.

Stylepint spring work outfit featuring Gap wrap dress and Saks Fifth Avenue black mesh ballet flats #office #petite #style

Gap Alice + Olivia wrap dress (thrifted) || Saks Fifth Avenue ballet flats

When items in my closet wear well over time, I value it more highly no matter how much it cost. Quality doesn’t always mean how much money is spent or what brand it is, it’s the durability and how it suits your lifestyle. No matter how amazing a garment is, if you don’t wear it or it doesn’t look good, what use is it?

The same goes with shoes. I am always drawn to crazy bold shoes but I never end up purchasing them because I know I’ll never wear them. I could display them like an art piece, but that’s a waste. A shoe is at its best when it’s worn, that’s its purpose. That’s why I purchased these mesh ballet flats. They’re versatile, practical, and just interesting enough to catch my eye.

The more I evaluate my closet, the more I love understated gems. They get worn all the time but aren’t really considered “trendy” items. I appreciate the basics and sometimes, simple things are the best.


One of my favorite spring staples is this thrifted white skirt.

The slight crinkle of linen, the fitted silhouette, the ease in which it moves…these are a few reasons why I love it. But more than anything, it is versatile enough to go with everything . White makes any outfit seem light and airy.

Stylepint outfit featuring Aritzia light blue tank, thrifted white skirt, waterfall cardigan, brown pumps, braided belt #petite #style #outfit #myaritzia #work #office

Pure Collection waterfall cardigan || Aritzia light blue tank || thrifted white skirt || D&G brown pumps

For spring, I love pairing loose tops with more fitted bottoms. It’s my signature style since I live for silk blouses. Since I wanted a light and airy look, I need light pastel colors to go along it. Adding a few darker items like the braided belt and pumps grounds the outfit. Creating a cohesive look is all about balancing difference elements together.

Sleek tailored lines vs. unstructured fluid movement. Warm tones vs. cool colors.

No matter what you have in your closet, there are ways to create a strong look with a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of experimentation. Sometimes, even swapping out pants for a skirt makes a big difference.

What are your signature pieces?


Even though it’s spring, I still reach for my white sweater. This cashmere sweater has been my wardrobe staple for the past six months. I wear it all the time and it’s probably the first time making it onto this blog.

There’s something innately easy about putting on a sweater. It’s warm, it’s cozy, and it conforms to the shape of your body pretty well. In a neutral color, this top can be paired with almost anything.

Stylepint spring outfit featuring white cashmere sweater, blue pants, brown suede pumps, and statement necklace #petite #style #outfit #spring

White + Warren white sweater || Forever 21 pants || Forever 21 necklace || JTV earrings (c/o) || D&G pumps

Easy looks like this is what I live for. I don’t have to think too much about what to wear and I don’t really have to pile on the accessories. But if I do want to add some jewelry items, I prefer pieces that stick out…statement pieces. As I get older, I have fewer jewelry items but I wear them more often. They’re bolder choices because what’s the point of wearing something if nobody else can see them?

Spring is a time of experimentation, of transition, and renewal. It’s when I start putting away the heavy winter items and pull out lighter and more colorful items. I’m always drawn to blue and it’s so calming that I never veer too far away from it. It’s part of who I am and what I love…blue for peace.


When I think of spring, I think of flowers. It reminded of this floral tank that I rarely wear.

I pulled it out of the closet and coordinated it with one of my uniform looks to create something that’s reminiscent of spring but still addresses the transitional weather. Even though the sun is out and it feels warm, a cool breeze often sweeps by to remind me that I still need to carry a sweater around.

Stylepint spring feature: waterfall cardigan, floral tank, cobalt blue pants #petite #outfit #spring #florals

Pure Collection waterfall cardigan || Forever 21 floral tank || Trina Turk pants || D&G pumps

When it comes to patterns, I play it pretty safe. I haven’t gotten to the level to heavy pattern mixing, so pulling colors from the floral tank, like cobalt blue, adds symmetry to the outfit. Nothing too outrageous and nothing too matchy, this look can be dressed up for work or toned down for a casual outfit. I always love it when outfits are versatile and suitable for several occasions. That way, the clothes get more wear and they’re more valuable because they can be worn with almost anything!

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with color and pattern. The weather is suitable enough to wear layers if you’re not  feeling as bold. But if you’re ready to show off your vivid outfits, then by all means, enjoy!