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Life: Kit Kat Kittens

stylepint, kittens, brown tabby, silicon valley humane society, cat adoption story

It’s been a few weeks since I got married and while we are still setting in, my husband has been begging to adopt a cat. He’s a huge cat lover even though he is allergic to cats. His ideal cat? An older orange tabby that would love to be petted all day long.

So, we went to the Silicon Vally Humane Society to see some cats. There, the orange tabbies were either aloof or sleeping so we didn’t disturb them. I could tell my husband was a little disappointed by the “unfriendly” cats, I asked a volunteer to recommend one that would be super friendly and would love being petted. He selected 2 older cats for us, a black and white snowshoe and a gray cat. They were really sweet and came up to us right away. But my husband wasn’t sold, he didn’t like that we were picking cats by personality, as if we were shopping for a bag or something.

We kept walking around the facility until he came upon some brown tabby kittens playing around. Once he stepped into their space, they huddled in a corner for 20 minutes, refusing to come out even with treats. It seemed like we would come home empty handed.

But when my husband stepped out from the kitten room, he wanted to adopt those kittens. It’s surprising since he’s always going on about how orange tabbies are the sweetest and older cats are less hassle than kittens. Now, he wants not one cat, but two little kittens?

I’m pretty sure you know how the story ends. We took little Pickles and Agatha home. (Do we want to keep those names?) They are super shy and a little fearful of their surroundings, but they’re warming up to us. We can’t pet them all the time yet, just a few head pats with treats. But perhaps with some training, they’ll grow into a pair of friendly cats.

Funny thing, they don’t mind the camera as much as humans. Guess they’re ready for their close-up!

Got an interesting pet adoption story? I’d love to know in the comments!


Life: The Big Wedding Day

stylepint wedding, photography, menlo park presbyterian church

My wedding day has come and gone and I still can’t believe I’m married now.

Life hasn’t changed drastically, though we are still settling into our new place (meaning: there are still lots of unpacked boxes). Our wedding was way more lavish than either of us anticipated but we enjoyed every moment of it. Mind you, it wasn’t perfect. There were moments of pure chaos and a few mix-ups, but you know what? It’s ok, we didn’t let any problems dampen our mood and we made the best of each situation. I’ll share more photos once we get them back from our photographer.

We are so thankful for our friends and family, I don’t think we appreciate them as much as they deserve. It was one of those epiphanies that make you realize that life is pretty awesome and our community is one spectacular group of people. We had family fly across the ocean to be a part of our day. We had friends who had to drive home at 3AM in the morning to make it back in time for their work shift the next day. We had so many people who made a strong impact in our lives gathered all in one place that it’s fair to say that we were pretty overcome by the emotion of the day.

Our wedding wasn’t just about our love for each other, it was also about the love of our friends and family for us. Ultimately, it was a celebration of love in the community. And for that, I’m so thankful.

Got a wedding story to share? I’d love to know in the comments. :)


ysl touche eclat blur perfector, primer, beauty, review

When summer heat is at an all time high, how do you maintain a flawless look? With the YSL primer and perfector, it’s easy!

Just in time for wedding makeup trials, I tested these two products for an all-natural look.

The YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer feels just as luxurious on the skin as it does in its packaging. The fine gold flecks add a soft luminescent shimmer. The lightweight gel evens the skin’s texture to appear flawless. Even the subtle floral fragrance is welcoming.

Does it work?

The primer makes the skin feel smooth and makes applying foundation an easy process. The lightweight formula makes it appear as if you’re not wearing it at all. I love the gold flecks which add a healthy glow to the skin in a very subtle way. I can see the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer as a great everyday primer for smoothing and brightness. I’m not sure if it has the staying power to last though a wedding, especially with super hot temperatures.

ysl touche eclat perfector, primer, beauty, review

The YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector is an interesting product. The light pink palette reminds of a blush compact with a soft white sponge applicator. This cream to powder formula is recommended as a foundation base or as a finishing powder.

The first time, I used it as a finishing powder. The creaminess of the perfector was not an asset when applying over other products causing a bit of smearing. It was also difficult to determine the coverage. The second time, I tested it as a makeup base and it worked much better. They say a little goes a long way, but I had to add quite a bit to get the desired smoothing effect. It seemed like the light pink color might transfer onto the skin, but it seemed to leave a more translucent look. Throughout the day, the perfector was average in leave the skin looking smoother and mattifying ability.

Overall, these two luxury products are beautifully packaged and are decently effective. For full coverage and heavy duty use (like for a wedding), I’d prefer to use other products. These YSL Touche Eclat products would be great for everyday application, especially to achieve that barely there feeling.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample via Influenster. 


Gone, but not forever

stylepint engagement photo, profile photo

Hello dear readers!

Some of you may be wondering where have I been lately. I haven’t updated as much as I’d like and as cliche as it sounds, it’s because of all the wedding planning. Not only am I in the process of planning this huge event, I have to find a place to live and maybe a new job too.

It’s a bit of a challenge because my fiancé and I are currently separated by a bridge (Palo Alto vs. Dublin for all you Californians) and we can’t quite decide who should move where and why. There isn’t a compromise to be had since if we pick the middle, we’ll be in the water. But I’m sure we’ll work it out soon enough but please bear with me through this exciting and dynamic transition!

For now, I’ll leave you with a photo from our engagement session. If you want to reach me, find me on Twitter @stylepint.

stylepint engagement photo

Photos by Dylan John Western Photography


Something in the air makes me lean towards 70s inspired looks. Taking my print shirtdress, I updated my usual pencil skirt look.

Since I’ve worn this dress, I feel like it has gotten shorter or I’m realizing that it’s pretty darn short to wear on its own.

Stylepint spring outfit, influenced by the 70s: print shirtdress, blue cardigan, white pencil skirt, beige sandals, kate spade cross body purse #office #work #petite

M+O blue cardigan || Anthropologie print shirtdress || thrifted pencil skirt || Topshop sandals || Kate Spade crossbody bag

I love the patterns on the shirtdress and it’s the visual focal point of the outfit. Instead of opting for a pop of color or whatnot, a bit of print pulls the whole look together. It gives a nod to the 70s style without looking like a dated costume.

Have you adopted any 70s looks into your current style?

Stylepint makeup bag, what's in my makeup bag? Benefit mascara, Laura Mercier tinted foundation, MAC lipstick and more #stylepint #beauty #makeup

When I look into my makeup bag during travel days, I’m glad that I’m not a beauty guru.

Most of the time, it takes less than five minutes to “put on” my face. That’s probably because makeup and beauty products are a bit of a mystery to me. I don’t know what to do primers, concealers, highlighters, and such. It seems a little unnecessary for everyday use.

I want to use the least amount of products possible and yet, I want to look nice and alert. Instead of opting for drugstore makeup, I am pampering myself with some nicer products. Since I don’t use a lot of makeup, most items last pretty long.

So what’s in my makeup bag?

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

I got the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Broad Spectrum Oil-Free in Bisque. With only a pea-sized drop, it is enough to apply to your entire face. It tends towards the dewy side, so I add a pressed powder to control the shine.

Rituel de Fille Cream Blush

When it comes to blush, I’m pretty clueless. I’ve tried bronzers, I’ve tried loose powder blushes, and they’re all a little strange. I like this cream blush in “Lovesick” because it’s such a flattering shade and easy to get the right amount of coverage. It is versatile to work as a eye or lip color too. Since it only comes in seven colors right now, it makes selecting a color so simple.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Maybe I’ve been using drugstore Maybelline mascara for far too long. When I tried this sample from Benefit, it felt like it was miles ahead of any mascara I’ve worn. Easy to apply with uniform coverage. No clumping. It made my lashes look fuller and more voluminous. Where have you been all my life?

Belmacz Oyster Pearl Powder

Sometimes, I pick wildcard items hoping it will be awesome. The Belmacz powder works well as a pressed powder to control shine and create a flawless finish. Dab the applicator sponge to your face and buff away to create the effect you want. It wears well and lasts fairly long so I don’t have any complaints. The faint rose scent is a nice touch.

M.A.C. Lipstick

Everyone talks about how MAC makeup is the holy grail of all makeup brands. I’m still pretty split about it. Though they have a wide range of colors and products, are they really as good as everyone makes it out to be? I picked a matte lipstick in the shade “Please Me.” It’s a flattering pink rose color that is very saturated on the lips. But I find it tends to leave my lips a bit dry and I have to either apply a lip balm before application or a gloss afterwards. I wore a Givenchy lipstick for the past year and it’s moisturizing properties stand out compared to this MAC lipstick. Live and learn, right?

I haven’t perfected my makeup routine yet but I closer to where I was last year. Foundations are always the trickiest so if you know any good products, send them my way!

What do you have in your makeup bag?

Stylepint review of Eliza J white lace dress

I’ve been on the hunt for a white lace dress for my pre-wedding festivities.

While scouring the Nordstrom site, I found this Eliza J dress in 2P and I had to try it out. At the time, I didn’t realize it came in 0P and should have gotten it instead.

Stylepint review of Eliza J white lace dress #petite #spring #lace #dress

Eliza J white lace dress || Topshop sandals

I love the simplicity of this dress. Lace all over with a fun V-shape in the back. The scalloped hem is a nice touch. It’s conservative but fresh.

This shift dress streamlines the silhouette to focus on the legs, but I usually prefer to emphasize the waist. A sheath or a fit and flare style would be better for that purpose.

In 2P, this white lace dress is big all over. There’s a gap at the shoulders and it’s roomy throughout. Though I love the style of the lace dress, it’s not very flattering on me. It makes me look bigger and heavier than I am, so I will be returning this dress.

Next time, I’ll probably pick something with a more fitted silhouette.

What do you think about white lace dresses?


For casual outfits, I’m drawn to the 70s trend that’s popular now and it’s an excuse to wear flared jeans again.

I love bohemian elements and I’m a little sick of wearing skinny jeans all the time. Putting on a pair of bootcut or flared jeans changes the silhouette. With that switch, the focus shifts from skinny legs to curvy hips. And for that, I’m a fan.

Stylepint casual outfit, spring 70s influence: white silk blouse, Gap bootcut flared jeans, Free People scarf, fedora, gold accessories #style #petite #spring #70s

Thomas Pink blouse || Gap bootcut jeans || Free People scarf || Michael by Michael Kors wedges

I have to wear petite specific flared jeans to get the right look.

For most bootcut or flares, I’m in that weird middle ground as a petite. Regular sizes have the right length for heels but the knee break tends to be too low. Petite sizes have the right knee break but the length tends to be too short for heels. I make do with what I have and wear the jeans a little shorter with wedges. It doesn’t have the full leg lengthening effect, but it’s enough.

To get the full 70s vibe, I layered on some gold statement accessories with a thin scarf and fedora. The fringe from the necklace and the beaded chandelier earrings lends itself to the bohemian style which is perfect for this inspired look.

Have you incorporated any 70s elements into your style lately?


Keep it simple. Pair a blue lace top with black pants and ballet flats…and call it a day!

These are moments I savor, when getting ready in the morning is a breeze. It’s the little things that bring hoy in the midst of wedding planning. Even though we got all the big things out of the way, the details are causing the biggest headaches.

Stylepint classic outfit for work and office: Blue lace top, Theory skinny ankle pants, mesh ballet flats #office #petite #spring

Banana Republic lace top || Theory ankle pants || Saks Fifth Avenue mesh ballet flats

Even though everything is hectic, I don’t want to look like a mess. By keeping the silhouette sleek, it looks polished and professional.

The other day, someone remarked that I looked 19 and though flattering, I hope that I’ve matured since then. Perhaps it was the skinny jeans that made me look young. Or maybe because I had my hair in a ponytail. Who knows? Usually, people assume that I’m out of college and I no longer get carded at the movies or even at bars. But to be considered as a college student…do I really look that young?

Have you encountered a similar situation and how do you dress to make a more “mature” statement?


I’ve come to love uniforms, especially a blue uniform. It’s calming and it’s easy to match.

Many fashion sites advocate wearing lots of black and white outfits, but I love blues. It’s not as severe as black and not as high maintenance as white colored items.

Stylepint spring outfit, borrowed from the boys blue uniform: Navy silk blouse, light blue pants, statement necklace, pageboy cap #blue #spring #borrowedfromtheboys #petite

Thomas Pink silk blouse  || Uniqlo blue pants || Fossil necklace || Kangol cap

Simplifying silhouettes and creating uniform looks are an easy way to get dressed.

For this particular look, I paired a loose silk blouse with fitted skinny pants. Add some statement and boyish accessories for a borrowed from the boys look. Swap out the boyish styles for classic pumps and pearls for a preppy look. With a simple blue uniform, the accessories make all the difference.

I’m a huge advocate of keeping things simple and streamlined. You don’t need a ton of jewelry to look chic. You don’t need a gazillion layers to stay stylish. All it takes is a simple foundation and a few key pieces to elevate your look from basic to interesting.