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Stylepint review: Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress, peplum pencil skirt #bridesmaid #petite #wedding

One of the last bridesmaid dresses that I tried on was an Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress at a bridal salon.

In a sample size and a strange green color, I had to make an assumption of how this dress would look and fit before I ordered it in my size, size 0, and color, Charcoal. Depending on the style, Alfred Angelo dresses are in the $200 range. I tried on several styles, but this one looked the best with the little peplum flare at the waist.

This dress, Style 7297S, took about 2 months to arrive, a week before my friend’s wedding. We had to get it rushed which cost an additional $75 for shipping fees. This was probably the most expensive dress I tried on because of all the additional fees and alterations. But it was also the dress I actually wore to my friend’s wedding.

How Does the Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dress Fit?

In size 0, the dress fit fairly well. It’s made of polyester chiffon which isn’t the most luxurious fabric, but it complemented the other bridesmaids’ dresses from Donna Morgan. It was the peplum bodice that sold me on this dress and made it more interesting than the other dresses I tried on. The photos aren’t as accurate as this dress is already altered to fit my body. I had to do about $100 of alterations on this dress because it wasn’t as snug as I’d like it. The bust was taken in about an inch, the waist, about half an inch, and the skirt tapered.

Also, the style of this dress came with an unusual sheer back piece which I removed. Seriously, they should just make the dress without that back piece because it looks way better this way!

Stylepint review: Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress, peplum pencil skirt #bridesmaid #petite #wedding

Though the alterations aren’t perfect, it was good enough for being a bridesmaid. I just wanted a dress that made me feel comfortable and confident. The downside to tapering the skirt was that it made it really difficult to go up a flight of stairs. I didn’t realize the challenge until I arrived at the wedding venue for photos and there were these unusually tall stairs that I had to climb. I literally hopped from step to step…while the entire wedding party was watching and laughing at me. All in good fun, I laughed at myself too as my gaffe eased some of the anxiety for the bride and groom.

Another downside to this dress that that it is so fitted I can’t eat much. When they say brides don’t get to eat because of their dress, I know how that feels in this dress. I was halfway though my dinner when I realized that I could not eat another bite or my dress would explode. So sadly, I was left hungry for the rest of the night. But once I got home, I got fed.

If I were to do this again, I would probably add a slit to the skirt and not take in the waist. Then, I wouldn’t have the problems I faced at my friend’s wedding.

One plus, I could probably wear this dress again for a different event and most people wouldn’t know that it’s a bridesmaid dress. YES!

What do you think about this Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress?


Finding the perfect work dress is like finding a needle in a haystack which is why this teal dress is so special. Sometimes, a work appropriate dress is too conservative, too stiff, too unflattering…or just plain boring.

Sure, you can jazz it up with accessories but it has be pretty versatile too. It has to work with more formal events and even some casual ones too. I prefer dresses that aren’t as structured because it provides a nice counterpoint to a tailored blazer or fitted coat.

Stylepint winter outfit featuring Aritzia teal dress, rag and bone blazer, kate spade purse, black ankle boots #petite #style #work

Aritzia teal dress || Rag & Bone blazer ||Lucky brand black ankle boots || Kate Spade purse

I don’t often wear blazers because I find them too formal for most settings. But I always make sure to have at least one well fitted blazer because you never quite know when you’ll need it. Having great foundation pieces like a blazer makes getting ready super easy.

A teal dress, a classic blazer, some simple accessories and you’re all ready to take on the day. Less thinking on what to wear means more time for the important things in life.

What’s your favorite work outfit?


I’m back with some super late bridesmaid reviews, this time it’s Target Tevolio styles. Everyone says Target has cheap dresses and if you’re on a budget, it’s probably worth a look. I ordered three gray chiffon dresses in size 2, the smallest size, and depending on the style, the fit varied widely.

How Do the Target Bridesmaid Dresses Fit?

Target bridesmaid dresses, strapless pleated dress

target bridesmaid dress strapless pleated dress

This strapless dress was the best fitting of the Target bridesmaid dresses. Though it is still a bit longer than I prefer, I can wear it without feeling like it would fall off my body.

However, there are a few problems with this dress. First, the style makes my bust look larger than normal, which can be a good thing if that’s what you want, but for me, I don’t need it. Second, the construction suffers because of the price. The seams aren’t straight, some threads are exposed, and the pleated fabric at the bust is flimsy. The polyester fabric isn’t the best and most breathable, but you can’t really be choosy because this dress is pretty darn cheap for a bridesmaid dress. Sadly, I had to pass on this dress but if you’re on a budget, this might be your best bet.

target bridesmaid dresses, halter neck dress

target bridesmaid dress halter next dress

The halter neck bridesmaid dress runs a little larger than the strapless dress. Instead of enhancing your bust like the strapless dress, this is a  bust minimizing style. Since the sizing is a bit larger, it fits really loose that even the waist has a gap of several inches between my body and the dress. The style can be super cute if you can fill out the dress and provides a chic yet conservative look.

Once again, I had to pass.

Target bridesmaid dresses, Tevolio Illusion Sleeveless Dress

Target bridesmaid dress, illusion sleeveless dress

For this last dress, the sheer illusion dress, it’s the largest of the three dresses even though it’s technically the same size. It’s also the most covered and conservative dress. This bridesmaid dress is one to two sizes too big everywhere! The bust is so loose that it sits strangely on my chest. So it’s almost laughable for me to even review it since it’s not close to my size at all.

Overall, Target has several selections for bridesmaid dresses and they do come in a variety of colors. The construction and quality of fabric suffers because of the price, but if you’re on a budget, then these dresses would be a viable option. The sizing varies wildly depending on the style. The strapless dress has the smallest fit and the sheer illusion dress is the most generous fit.

What do you think of Target bridesmaid dresses?


Is it spring yet? I just want to wear my mint jeans.

The winter doldrums has hit pretty hard and I am craving lovely pastels for spring! Several cherry blossoms in the neighborhood have already started blooming, which is a sure sign that spring is on its way. It’s one of my favorite things to look forward to and it reminds me of the ephemerality of beauty.

Stylepint winter outfit featuring gray waterfall cardigan, blue print silk tank, mint jeans, and Dolce Vita leopard loafers #petite #outfit #style

Pure Collection waterfall cardigan || Lucky tank || Forever 21 mint jeans || Dolce Vita leopard loafers

My friends and I were talking about art the other day and how it changes so fast. There are so many different philosophies and schools of thought that there really is something for everyone. In museums, it’s easy to see how art styles emerge from the social and political influences of the day. But in today’s world, it is so widespread, there really isn’t just one dominating trend.

That’s what it’s like with fashion too. With fashion weeks kicking into gear, we see a huge variety of trends and looks. We can pick anything we like and still be “in trend.” Yet, as much as we see trends come, they go just as quickly. Trends in fashion are a lot like cherry blossoms. Beautiful yet short-lived.

Do you pay attention to trends or fashion week updates?


As much as I love going out on Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing wrong with staying in. I like to keep things low key and knitting helps me to unwind.

Whether it’s having a spa day with the girls or reading your favorite book, I love pairing activewear with cozy sweaters. There’s something about this combination that’s nostalgic and comfortable.

Stylepint Valentine's day outfit for staying in: cozy sweater, distressed sweater, gap leggings, JTV necklace, #delicate #jewelry #valentine

 Guess distressed sweater || Gap Fit leggings || c/0 Jewelry TV necklace

To make a wardrobe more flexible, activewear and loungewear can be interchangeable. I like mixing different elements together that’s cozy, comfortable, and just a little put together. Who knows who you’ll meet when the door knocks?

What to Wear for Staying In on Valentine’s Day

If you are staying in for Valentine’s day, get cozy and wear what you love! Wearing cute lingerie just for yourself is a great pick-me-up and a lovely little secret. Who says you can’t still look great in your pajamas or loungewear?

  • Cozy sweaters
  • Colorful leggings
  • Cute lingerie
  • Simple and delicate jewelry

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?


This Valentine’s Day, 50 Shades of Grey is dominating the movie scene. With Jamie Dornan as Mr. Grey, it got me thinking, what’s my dream version of Mr. Grey?

Young, rich, powerful..that’s what he is described in the series. Controlling, yet vulnerable…this leading man is anything but ordinary. So what does a man like Mr. Grey wear?

Stylepint Valentine's Day feature on 50 Shades of Grey, dream Mr. Grey for Paul Frederick #menswear #valentine

Taking some inspiration from Paul Frederick for Valentine’s Day, I have selected an outfit for a dream Mr. Grey. Nothing makes a man more powerful and sexy like a perfectly cut suit. Think Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock or Matt Bomer in White Collar. Slim fitted suits with luxurious accessories makes a world of difference.

What Would Mr. Grey Wear?

  • A well-fitted, slim cut gray suit
  • A crisp white button down shirt
  • Simple yet luxurious cufflinks
  • Sleek monk-strap dress shoes
  • The infamous gray tie in a houndstooth pattern

While the suit makes the overall statement, it’s the tie that everyone recognizes in the 50 Shades of Grey series.What’s the perfect silk grey tie? I’d say, the houndstooth adds a hint of ferocity and unexpectedness that suits the personality of Mr. Grey quite well. Though in control in most aspects of his life, there’s that little hidden element that makes him so unpredictable. And that’s what makes him so mysterious and interesting.

What do you think Mr. Grey would wear?


Stylepint outfit for Valentine's Day, going out: Moschino tulip petal sheath via Rent the Runway, Jewelry TV plum and emerald earrings, and Beatrix Ong heels #petite #valentine #yellow #brights

Everywhere I look, I see red and pink for Valentine’s day.

If those aren’t your favorite colors, what will you wear to look put together for a lovely date? I say, go bold. Show confidence in a bright colored dress and turn some heads! In a dress like this, it doesn’t take much to look chic.

Add simple colorful earrings and you’re all set to go! I love this emerald and amethyst drop set from Jewelry TV. They have such awesome accessories that I just can’t get enough.

Stylepint outfit for Valentine's Day, going out: Moschino tulip petal sheath via Rent the Runway, Jewelry TV plum and emerald earrings, and Beatrix Ong heels #petite #valentine #yellow #brights

Stylepint outfit for Valentine's Day, going out: Moschino tulip petal sheath via Rent the Runway, Jewelry TV plum and emerald earrings, and Beatrix Ong heels #petite #valentine #yellow #brights

Moschino Tulip Petal Sheath via Rent the Runway || c/0 Jewelry TV earrings || Beatrix Ong heels

It’s my first time trying Rent the Runway and it was a great experience. The dress in size 38 is perfect for a size 0 petite, even better if you have a slim body type. My hips were a bit snug in the dress, so it’s not the best silhouette for my body type. Still, it is perfect for a Valentine’s Day date night!

What to wear for Valentine’s Day

On a date or even for a night of fun, I prefer wearing a bold and beautiful look. You’ll impress your date and if you’re single, you might get some positive attention.

  • Bright colored dress (no need to go red and pink)
  • Simple accessories and colorful jewelry
  • Classic and comfortable heels

What are you wearing for Valentine’s Day?