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equipment silk blouse and white jeans outfit

Equipment silk blouse || J.Crew toothpick jeans || Boutique 9 black pumps

One of my favorite outfits of the summer is this pairing of a silk blouse with white jeans. It’s an easy uniform to wear that works all the time.

I have a weakness for silk blouses and this Equipment blouse is no exception. I love the ombre effect, starting with dark navy and lightening to white. The white jeans helps elongates the silhouette emphasizing the graduated effect.

I used to think that I couldn’t pull off white jeans but now, I could care less. Fashion is all about having fun and being bold and courageous to wear what you want to wear. So I wear them regardless of whether or not it’s slimming. If only they would stay white longer…I feel like I’m always washing these since they get dirty so often. Do white jeans attract dirt and stains or is it just me?

Summer is a time to break free from fashion rules and let loose. For me, white jeans is a way to let loose and have fun!

What’s your summer uniform?


J.Crew bridesmaid dresses, kylie dress

J.Crew bridesmaid dresses come in a variety of colors and styles, even in petite sizes! I had to try out a few styles to see how they fit and hopefully find a dress that would work for my friend’s upcoming wedding.

Most of the dresses run in the $250+ range, but that’s expected for this brand. I needed a dark gray chiffon bridesmaid dress and I found two styles that would be quite flattering for my body. A few J.Crew stores have a wedding section where you can make an appointment to try on the various styles and figure out which size would best suit you.

I didn’t get the opportunity to make an appointment but I tried on two styles in size 00P, the smallest size.

How Do the J.Crew Bridesmaid Dresses Fit?

The one shoulder Kylie dress is quite a flattering look. The silk chiffon material feels more durable and the design is definitely an upgrade from the Ann Taylor one shoulder dress. The dress itself feels really light and it’s truly a beautiful dress.

In size 00P, it fits snug against my body and it’s a bit too tight that I feel like if I eat a meal or something, I might break the dress. I think a size 0P would be better for me.

J.Crew bridesmaid dresses, kylie dress in graphite

There was also a strange design flaw in the Kylie dress. There is extra material on the right side of the torso but there is a lack of ease on the left side. Basically, the one shoulder area was very tight but the other side of the dress was loose to the point where there is a visible gap. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but once you look at the dress or even put it on, you’ll notice that the torso is not quite symmetrical.

So despite how awesome this dress is, I had to pass on the Kylie dress.

J.Crew bridesmaid dresses, arabelle dress

The next style I tried on was the Arabelle dress in 00P. The style is quite beautiful and it’s a lovely and well constructed dress.

In the same way the previous dress was too small, this one was way too small, especially the bust and the torso. A size 0P would be better for me, but aside from that, I have no complaints.

This strapless dress is a dream to wear and I only wish that I had selected the right size. Luckily, the dress was on sale and it’s way cheaper than $250 so I can try on another size. This is going to be my backup dress in case the one I ordered from the bridal salon won’t arrive on time.

J.Crew bridesmaid dress, arabelle dress

If you’re on the lookout for awesome bridesmaid dresses, I think J.Crew hits the spot, even for petites. I usually wear the smallest size, 00P and I found them even too small for my frame, which is a blessing because I know that I can at least wear these dresses without worrying if the smallest would fit me. So for all you extra small petites, have no fear because J.Crew has your back!

What do you think about J.Crew bridesmaid dresses?




Ann Taylor Bridesmaid dress, silk georgette flower one shoulder dress in medium gray

An Ann Taylor bridesmaid dress. Did you know that they carry their own line of dresses and in petite sizes too? I had to try them on.

Since the color was going to be a dark gray, I selected the dress styles that ran in that color and in my size (00P), which ended up being the Silk Georgette Flower One Shoulder Dress and the Silk Georgette Pleat Tank Dress in Medium Gray for $265 each. I wish that they had the Silk Georgette Strapless Dress in my size, but it’s a popular style and the sizes ran out quick.

The dresses are very lightweight, thin, and lacks the thick internal structure of the Donna Morgan Blaire dress, which was a bit surprising given the price. But the silk georgette material is gorgeous and it makes the polyester dresses from Donna Morgan look cheap in comparison.

How Do the Ann Taylor Bridesmaid Dresses Fit?

The Silk Georgette Flower One Shoulder dress fits amazingly well.

The bodice, the waist, the length, it’s perfect in size 00P.

Ann Taylor bridesmaid dress, silk georgette flower one shoulder dress in medium gray

But I got a little nit-picky about the details and though not perfect, it was a pretty decent dress.

The flower design near the shoulder was not very flattering for my body, I think it’s a bit too big and with my hair down, it gets lost. The silk georgette material is beautiful but it doesn’t drape as well as the Donna Morgan dress. Then at the waist, it seemed like it was missing something, a belt or some sort of detail.

For most people, I’m sure this dress looks fine since it fits well and it’s quite flattering overall. But for the price, I expected something more from this dress and it didn’t make the cut. So, I sent it back.

Ann Taylor bridesmaid dress, silk georgette pleat tank dress in medium gray

The Silk Georgette Tank dress in size 00P is the right size. The waist fit well, the length was ideal, but the bust? Well, I didn’t fill it out properly. It looks pretty strange with all that extra fabric drooping from the sides of the bodice which is quite unflattering for my body shape. However, if you are busty, then I think this dress would be way more flattering.

This conservative style dress would be a great pick if the bust was more fitted to my frame, but since it wasn’t that great, I had to pass on this style.

ann taylor bridesmaid dress, silk georgette pleat tank dress in medium gray

The Ann Taylor bridesmaid dresses are pretty good picks for petites.

The sizes run a bit smaller than Ann Taylor’s petite department, which is a great thing for me. The quality of the fabric is fantastic and the construction is decent too. I think the fit of the dresses and some of the details left a bit more to be desired. The Pleat Tank dress was unflattering in the bust, but if you have a large bust, I think this dress would look amazing. The Flower One Shoulder dress was pretty darn near perfect as a bridesmaid dress but there is a lack of detail at the waist that distracting and the flower detail wasn’t very flattering.

But if you’re looking for an off the rack petite bridesmaid dress, Ann Taylor is one place to definitely check out.

Have you had luck with Ann Taylor petites? I’d love to know in the comments!


classic printed shirtdress and oxford brogues

The older I get, the more I lean toward classic pieces like a printed shirtdress and oxford brogues.

These timeless items are so versatile that they make any outfit look pretty snazzy. When put together, it’s a lazy day outfit that is pretty put together and interesting. It’s taken me some time to get used to wearing dresses, but I think it’s well worth the effort. I’m still on the lookout for a dress that looks great without any accessories. Know any that would fit the bill?

classic printed shirtdress and oxford brogues

This printed shirtdress is a tad shorter than what I usually wear, but that’s what happens when you order petites instead of the regular size. Often, I’m stuck between petite and regular sizing. Sometimes I prefer the length of a regular size but I like the fit of the petite ones even if they’re a bit too short. Such is the life of a petite.

Once the weather gets cooler, I’ll probably wear tights with this dress to make it more conservative.

classic printed shirtdress and oxford brogues

Anthropologie Petite Printed Shirtdress || Jack Wills oxford brogues || Colehaan satchel purse

One of my favorite shoes is this pair of oxfords. They have way more support than ballet flats and they’re so fun to wear with anything! I’ve had a two year obsession with these shoes and it’s not over yet. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on shoes and it’s well worth the money since I wear them all the time. Seriously. Who needs heels when you got oxfords?

What do you think of these classic items: printed shirtdresses and oxford brogues?


donna morgan bridesmaid dress blaire in sterling

The bride suggested a Donna Morgan bridesmaid dress in Sterling as one of the dress selections for her wedding. So being lazy, I went for the recommendation.

I had only visited David’s Bridal at this point, so online shopping seemed to be a better bet. There was no way to try on these dresses at a retail location so I had to do the whole purchase and return cycle for a few dresses.

Donna Morgan bridesmaid dresses do run in size 0. So, I selected the Blaire style dress since it had front and back layers that can be used to create different styles. When the dress arrived, it looked way too big for me to wear. The dress was beautifully constructed with sturdy notions, boning, and zippers. The polyester material was much better than anticipated, a high quality fabric that draped well, moved smoothly, and felt quite soft. The bodice was well made with a built in bra configuration and silicon edges to prevent slippage.

donna morgan bridesmaid dress blaire sterling

How Did the Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dress Fit?

When I tried on the dress, it was very loose. There was about a two inch gap between my body and the dress. It’s not easy to tell from the photos, but this dress was about two sizes too big, if not more. I asked my tailor for a quote to alter this dress and given the material and construction, it would cost about $80.

I snapped a photo of the dress and sent it to the bride for her feedback. It turned out that the Sterling color was much too light and Grey Ridge would be a better color choice for her wedding. I told her how the size 0 fit and we decided to send it back and try other dress options.

If you are a normal size 2/4 and 5’3″ or taller, I think the Donna Morgan Blaire dress in size 0 would be a good fit. But for my size 00, 5’1″ frame, this dress was too big.

Have you tried a Donna Morgan bridesmaid dress? What did you think of it?


mint jeans and oversized baggy sweater with polka dot scarf and aviators

Everyone’s wearing colorful pants this summer and instead of my go-to teal, I went for mint jeans!

One of my favorite silhouettes is pairing an oversized sweater with skinny jeans. Despite what fashion rules may dictate, oversized clothing can work for petites! Just make sure the rest of the outfit is fitted to the body.

Stylepint outfit mint jeans and oversized sweater

I used to think that I couldn’t pull off light colored denim. Call me a pear, a triangle, or whatever, but the truth is, I prefer darker colors on the bottom to slim and hide.

As long as the pants are fitted, in this case, as skinny jeans, I think anyone can wear light colored pants. Just have to bring the focus to the upper half of the body with a looser or lighter colored top.

For this outfit, the accessories take it from being average to interesting. A fun scarf, some gold accessories, and brown boots ties the whole look together that gives it some glam without being over-the-top.

Stylepint outfit mint jeans and oversized sweater

Guess gray sweater | Forever 21 mint skinny jeans | Target polka dot scarf | Nordstrom BP brown boots | Kate Spade aviator sunglasses

Comfy, casual, and stylish..that’s how I’d describe this outfit. It’s a kind of my fashion motto. Most of my outfits aren’t outlandish nor require a set of instructions. I’m a no-fuss kind of person and I prefer simple silhouettes and styles. I don’t want to suffer for fashion, I’d rather have my clothes work for me than the other way around. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy looking at couture gowns and runway styles…they’re gorgeous, but they don’t translate into my everyday life.

Do you wear colored jeans and how do you style them? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Wedding season is in full swing and the time has come for my best friend to get married. This means, I’m part of the bridal party and I’m searching for a bridesmaid dress. The requirements are fairly simple and straightforward with about 3-4 months to search for this particular item. But since I have no idea how the the wedding machine works…it’s been a tough search and I just wanted to share my slice of this crazy experience.

gray chiffon petite bridesmaid dress

A short, dark gray, chiffon dress. Any style or silhouette.

That was the requirement. Sounds easy and innocuous enough but was it really?

As a petite, I expect the search to be a challenge, but it definitely made me realize that this whole wedding business, even as a bridesmaid, takes shopping to a whole different level. [click to continue…]