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This is the fifth installment of my personal style summary, the 2014 outfit recap!

For those new readers, I’ve been writing this blog for quite some time and my style has changed over the years. Last year, I jumped back into blogging after a long hiatus. I streamlined my closet and and it’s no longer eclectic and unmanageable. Now, it’s a relatively tame collection of items that go well together which makes getting dressed so much easier!

Stylepint features 2014 outfit recap, personal style #petite #fashion #outfits

I guess you can say that I have a capsule collection of about 200 pieces edited to my favorite items. Things that I love, things that I wear all the time, things that just go with my lifestyle…these are the things I keep. Everything else, I have learned to let go. I also don’t go too crazy with colors, keeping a relatively neutral palette of blues and grays so that I have all the essentials.

Accessories are where I add that pop of color, that dash of interest, and some texture to break up the solid colors.

As I’m getting older and reviewing these recaps, I have a few silhouettes that I love (the shirtdress look being my favorite) and I just keep repeating that look in different ways. Slim trousers and loose tops are also great pairings that are timeless and stylish. But also, I have become a lot more comfortable with my body. I don’t shy away from things (like dresses) anymore because I think I can’t pull it off. I try it anyway and sometimes, those are my best outfits.

I’ll be posting more seasonal recaps as time goes on to further refine my personal style. Sometimes, it’s hard to see what you’re drawn to unless you take photos and put them together. Then patterns and silhouettes start to emerge and make it easier to define your style.

It’s always an evolving process and it only gets better with time…I hope!


Nothing quite says spring like a coral dress.

After bringing out my spring and summer clothes, it feels like I have a totally new closet. No more heavy knits, chunky sweaters and tights. It’s time for some pretty dresses and light colored tops. As I’m going over my “new” things, I feel like I’m getting a little too old to be wearing certain styles. Instead of just getting rid of these items, I have to figure out how to style them in a more mature manner.

Stylepint spring casual outfit featuring Lucky blue leather jacket, Urban Outfitters coral dress, and Topshop beige sandals #petite #style #spring

Lucky blue leather jacket || Urban Outfitters coral dress || Topshop beige sandals

This coral dress is one of those “almost too young for me” styles. When I wear it plainly, it’s a great summer dress that’s casual and full of movement. If I try to dress it up with a cardigan, I feel too young. It’s not a bad thing, but I want to look more polished and age-appropriate.

Adding something tailored like this leather jacket makes the pairing more mature but still fun. It creates a balance between structure and loose movement so that everything looks sharp.

As you get older, you don’t always have to get rid of things to look more polished, sometimes, it’s just trying a different style pairing to get the desired look that you want.


Things have been a little quiet here lately because…I am engaged!

We have been wedding planning like crazy and over the weekend, we took a break to snap some engagement photos. It was nice to step away from the tripod and let someone else take control. One of our friends took photos for us and I just wanted to share one of the candids from the set.

Stylepint spring engagement photo shoot featuring Aritzia shirtdress and JTV earrings #couples #engagement #petite

Aritzia shirtdress (similar) || Urban Outfitters braided belt || Topshop sandals || c/0 JTV earrings

When you’re not usually in front of the camera, like my fiancé, going to an engagement photo session can be an awkward and stressful experience. We kept things light and fun so he wasn’t as aware of the camera, focusing on candid moments instead of posed portraits.

What to wear to an engagement photo session?

When it comes to outfits for an engagement photo shoot, there are usually 3 things that you should look for:

  • Comfortable – no awkward tugging, no wardrobe malfunctions, something that moves well
  • Confident – you love it, you live in it, or you feel powerful in it
  • Color – bright colors look great on camera, so do prints and textures too

Got tips on what to wear to an engagement photo session? Let’s hear your advice in the comments!


Ready for spring with a statement necklace and earrings?

When it comes to accessories, I usually err on the side of big and bold. That way I don’t have to wear as many pieces of jewelry. I’m an impatient person when it comes to getting ready for the day or even for special occasions. If I can get away with no accessories, I’d do it.

But there are moments when jewelry makes a difference.

Stylepint spring feature: BB Dakota watercolor maxi dress, braided belt, and JTV statement necklace and earrings #petite #spring #style

Even though it’s a little premature to bust out warm weather items, I just had to wear this watercolor maxi dress. The length provides some warmth to an otherwise chilly outfit. If I stand in the sun, it’s warm enough that I don’t feel like I’m freezing.

There are a few events coming up where I need to dress up and this maxi dress is a departure from my love of solid colors and simple prints. Every once in a while, I mix things up so that it doesn’t feel as boring and predictable. It seems like as time goes by, I’m appreciating dresses so much more.

Stylepint spring feature: BB Dakota watercolor maxi dress, braided belt, and JTV statement necklace and earrings #petite #spring #style

Jack by BB Dakota maxi dress || JTV collar necklace || JTV statement earrings

As is the case with most dresses, accessories can influence the overall look. Pair it with these glamorous earrings and necklace from Jewelry TV and you look ready to go on a date or attend a wedding celebration. Change the accessories for some simple stud earrings and a delicate necklace and you’re good to tour the local wineries or visit your favorite outdoor concert.

What do you think about statement accessories?


Fit and flare dresses have been popular lately and it’s only recently that I tried that style. I picked up this LOFT scuba flounce dress in 0P and I wanted to do a quick review about it.

It’s been a while since I’ve tried LOFT items but this dress is pretty well constructed. The scuba material feels substantial and durable however if don’t wear the proper undergarments, you can tell. So please wear slimming and smoothing items under this dress for the best look.

Stylepint review: Ann Taylor LOFT scuba flounce dress #spring #fitandflare #petite

When it comes to fit, this dress in 0P is a little big on me. I usually get 00P, but I thought it might run small. I would size down for the most flattering and fitted silhouette. However, if you want to eat and move around more, then a larger size would be better.

The flare at the bottom of the skirt makes this dress more fun and flirty but it also emphasizes the waist and hips. I unfortunately do not have as many curves to make this dress as figure flattering. I’d say if you have a great hourglass shape or you have curvy hips that you want to show off, then this would be your dress!

Stylepint review: Ann Taylor LOFT scuba flounce dress #spring #fitandflare #petite

Ann Taylor LOFT scuba flounce dress || Topshop sandals

For me, I will return this dress since it’s not as flattering as I thought. Plus, if I get the 00P, I’d still have to get a few things altered to make it better for my figure. Sure, it creates curves, but not enough to impress this picky chica. It’s a decent dress and superbly made, so if you’re looking for a flattering dress that works for an hourglass curvy figure, this dress was made for you!

What do you think about the LOFT scuba flounce dress?


When it comes to work pants, nothing beats Theory. This pair of burgundy pants is my latest addition and I love it already.

I’m wearing the last of my “winter” outfits and making the transition into spring inspired styles. Earth tones, like forest green, mustard, and burgundy are perfect cold weather colors. They work great as neutrals or even as accents.

Stylepint winter outfit featuring Everlane mustard silk blouse, Theory Louise burgundy pants, D&G brown suede pumps #work #petite #outfit

Everlane silk blouse || Theory Louise pants || D&G pumps

As I accumulate more outfit photos, the more I realize how simple things make a difference. The right colors for a fabric can make something look much more expensive than it actually is. Quality clothes in a great fit definitely make you look sharper and put together.

A silk blouse and suit pant uniform can still be interesting when you change the hues away from black and white. Though I used to think brown was ugly, I have come round to the fact that it’s more flattering than black and less formal too. These burgundy pants are a little reddish, a dark marsala perhaps, and it’s a great neutral that goes with almost any color. It is going into my regular outfit rotation because I am a little tired of black.

I talk about Theory pants quite a bit, but honestly, I haven’t quite found another brand that looks as good, lasts as long, and fits as well. It it totally worth it and it’s even better when you get it on sale!

What are your favorite work trousers?


Stylepint review: Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress, peplum pencil skirt #bridesmaid #petite #wedding

One of the last bridesmaid dresses that I tried on was an Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress at a bridal salon.

In a sample size and a strange green color, I had to make an assumption of how this dress would look and fit before I ordered it in my size, size 0, and color, Charcoal. Depending on the style, Alfred Angelo dresses are in the $200 range. I tried on several styles, but this one looked the best with the little peplum flare at the waist.

This dress, Style 7297S, took about 2 months to arrive, a week before my friend’s wedding. We had to get it rushed which cost an additional $75 for shipping fees. This was probably the most expensive dress I tried on because of all the additional fees and alterations. But it was also the dress I actually wore to my friend’s wedding.

How Does the Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dress Fit?

In size 0, the dress fit fairly well. It’s made of polyester chiffon which isn’t the most luxurious fabric, but it complemented the other bridesmaids’ dresses from Donna Morgan. It was the peplum bodice that sold me on this dress and made it more interesting than the other dresses I tried on. The photos aren’t as accurate as this dress is already altered to fit my body. I had to do about $100 of alterations on this dress because it wasn’t as snug as I’d like it. The bust was taken in about an inch, the waist, about half an inch, and the skirt tapered.

Also, the style of this dress came with an unusual sheer back piece which I removed. Seriously, they should just make the dress without that back piece because it looks way better this way!

Stylepint review: Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress, peplum pencil skirt #bridesmaid #petite #wedding

Though the alterations aren’t perfect, it was good enough for being a bridesmaid. I just wanted a dress that made me feel comfortable and confident. The downside to tapering the skirt was that it made it really difficult to go up a flight of stairs. I didn’t realize the challenge until I arrived at the wedding venue for photos and there were these unusually tall stairs that I had to climb. I literally hopped from step to step…while the entire wedding party was watching and laughing at me. All in good fun, I laughed at myself too as my gaffe eased some of the anxiety for the bride and groom.

Another downside to this dress that that it is so fitted I can’t eat much. When they say brides don’t get to eat because of their dress, I know how that feels in this dress. I was halfway though my dinner when I realized that I could not eat another bite or my dress would explode. So sadly, I was left hungry for the rest of the night. But once I got home, I got fed.

If I were to do this again, I would probably add a slit to the skirt and not take in the waist. Then, I wouldn’t have the problems I faced at my friend’s wedding.

One plus, I could probably wear this dress again for a different event and most people wouldn’t know that it’s a bridesmaid dress. YES!

What do you think about this Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress?