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u by kotex staying active

I like to stay active, whether it’s running, rock climbing or hanging out with friends…I am always on the go. But some days, my body can’t keep up and it slows me down. The monthly monster. When that happens, I turn to U by Kotex.

I know, it’s a little TMI to talk about it but I need serious protection on those heavy days. You know what I’m talking about. The days when getting out of bed is a struggle and all you want to do is indulge in a lot of Halloween candy.

Still, I pull myself out of bed, put on my workout gear, and go trail running.

u by kotex staying active

When it comes to most workout clothes, they’re pretty form-fitting. That means, any leaks along the way would spell disaster and embarrassment! I needed to stay dry and accident-free, so  I tested out the U by Kotex pads while keeping up with my daily exercise schedule. I don’t like taking days off if I don’t have to, so as I was running and enjoying the scenery around me, I didn’t even realize I was wearing them. Confident that I could still run while fighting the monthly monster, I used them throughout the rest of the week.

No problems whatsoever and as I was nearing the home stretch each day, I felt really good. It could the endorphins, but I think it’s also because I’m protected.

Now, staying active is easier than ever!

u by kotex extra maxi

Want more information about U by Kotex?

I wrote this review while participating in a content series through Clever Girls Collective on behalf of U by Kotex, and received products to facilitate my post and compensation for my time to participate.


alejandra g shoes fn platform

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. That’s the focus of FN Platform at MAGIC Market Week.

At the Alejandra G. section, the colorful and whimsical shoes make you giddy looking at them. When they say shoes are a mood lifter, I believe it when I saw this collection. For Spring/Summer 2014, there was a transition from fall’s dark colors and spike detail toward watercolor florals, tassels, and lace up styles.

Fashion forward and luxurious are what come to mind when I think about the collection. It’s a wonder it’s not more widely available because these bright and bold styles are sorely needed!

luichiny shoes fn platform

Moving on, I went to see the signature wedges of Luichiny Shoes.

The style is simple, elegant, and since it comes in a wide range of fabrics and colors…versatile. The rest of the collection captured my attention with patent leopard print loafers, pastel floral oxfords, and holographic print sandals. It’s so exciting to see how shoe designers create such artistic pieces that combine form and function so well!

I wish I could share all the wonderful things I saw at FN Platform, but  most brands requested that photos not be taken.Many of the styles at the show are for the Spring/Summer season and the lookbooks haven’t been released yet. Depending on the brand, it’s a very secretive affair because they don’t want to leak their items to the public until right before the selling season starts.

However, I do have a few more photos to share, so if you want to see more awesome shoes, check out my blog’s Facebook page!


stylepint fashion snoops trends rocker

Trends are what make each season different and Fashion Snoops highlights the main looks of the year. Switch out linen for wool, seersucker for plaid flannel…these visual cues express the seasonal perspective. At MAGIC Market Week, the trend forecasting seminars explained the technical aspects behind what encapsulates a trend.

We often think trends appear from thin air from the minds of luxury designers and trickle down to mainstream outlets. But that’s a very simple of view of what really happens.

stylepint fashion snoops trends boudoir

Every season has its limitations in terms of fabric usage, color palette, and pattern choice. Some traditions that hold true all the time like nautical styles for summer and layered sweater styles for winter. But there will always be exceptions as designers choose to highlight certain elements to concentrate their collections. With the democratization of fashion, it’s easy to find something for everyone. But to make it easier for us to digest, trend categories simplify and streamline our ideas of what’s relevant and new.

Fashion inspiration is cyclical.

Designers see something amazing on the street from everyday people and create a collection. People see designer collections and are inspired to create their unique style. Then, it cycles back again with each party being inspired by each other in an ever changing process.

stylepint fashion snoops trends athletic pro sport

This year’s fall and winter trends are Dark Romance, Baroque, 70s, Scottish Highlands, and Boy Meets World. What does that mean?

  • Dark Romance: gothic vampires with red and black, lace, velvet, and dark jewel tones
  • Baroque: Renaissance embroidered prints and patterns, gold details, and quilted patterns
  • 70s: Geometric oversized prints, patterned suits, belted coats, and contrast collars
  • Scottish Highlands: Countryside chic with checks and plaid, lots of warm neutrals like beige and browns
  • Boy Meets World: menswear inspired looks with slouchy pants, button down shirts, and boyfriend blazers

Next year’s fall and winter trends are Rocker, Boudoir, Pro Sport, and Folkloric.

  • Rocker: sophisticated 90′s grunge with plaid and small florals, embellished with spikes and zippers
  • Boudoir: Old Hollywood glamour, Victorian and French Classical inspiration with brocade, jacquard, silk, and velvet
  • Pro Sport: Motorcross inspiration with slim silhouettes, bright pops of color, and athletic sport fabrics
  • Folkloric: 60s and 70s bohemian style with tapestry and patchwork patterns in sleek silhouettes

stylepint fashion snoops trends folkloric

When you look at trends long enough, you realize that there are only subtle changes between years. There are some things that are highlighted more than others, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely change your wardrobe every season! In fact, you can wear the same wardrobe year to year, just updating yourself with a few accessories or styling options. Sometimes, the only thing you need to stay relevant is to pair your clothes in unexpected ways and that’s what trends do.

I look at trends for new ideas on how to wear old clothes or DIY opportunities to make something look new when it’s not. Usually, I shy away from trends, but I do acknowledge that they provide a lot of inspiration for my outfits. With this upcoming season, I’m loving the Scottish Highlands and Boy Meets World styles. You don’t have to follow trends to be stylish, but it helps to have a bit of guidance along the way.

Want to know more about Fashion Snoops? Check out their blog or if you’re really curious, their subscription site.

Check back tomorrow to see some awesome shoes from FN Platform at MAGIC Market Week!


magic market week las vegas 2013

Last week, I spent a few days (and my birthday!) in Las Vegas for MAGIC Market Week and I can’t wait to share some of the happenings. It’s my first time attending a fashion trade show and it was quite exciting and overwhelming. Exciting because there is so much to see and overwhelming because, well, there is so much to see.

3 days. 2 locations. 10 shows. Over 5,000 brands and 50,000 attendees. Can you imagine?

I wandered around the aisles checking out whatever brands popped out at me. I sat in a few seminars listening to trend forecasters distill next season’s colors, patterns, and styles. I chatted with a few designers about their favorite items and recent inspiration for their collection. All in all, I loved attending MAGIC Market Week and I hope I’ll be there in February too.

magic market week las vegas 2013

In the womenswear section, WWD MAGIC and ENK Las Vegas, there is so much diversity in style that it’s a wonder how people ever manage to nail down one single style category like rocker, bohemian, classic city girl, or whatnot. It feels like a different world each time you walk through the booths. There’s an underground hip hop dance group next to some retro vintage ladies having lunch, saddled next to goth/grunge tattoo rockers playing guitars. Disneyland for fashion? Maybe.

With so much eye candy around with crazy prints and bright colors, sometimes the simple, quiet pieces stand out from the crowd. I was particularly drawn to the boho-inspired pieces by Blu Pepper. In the above photo, the basic yet stylish pieces called out to me as brilliant transition pieces for fall.

magic market week las vegas 2013

The menswear section, aka Project Las Vegas, Project MVMNT, MAGIC Men’s, and the TENTS…was what really got my heart pumping. Everything felt so refreshingly cool. The Gant selections in the above photo focuses on texture and fabric choice for visual interest and depth. So although men’s silhouettes don’t often change, they really have fun with details! I definitely took notes to apply some of what I saw in menswear to add to my personal style.

There is so much to show that it can’t fit into one post, so this week is going to MAGIC Market Week recaps on the blog! Tune in tomorrow for the trend forecast for Fall/Winter ’14/’15.

Can’t get enough? Check out the WWD MAGIC blog for more insights.


the meaning of sunglasses style book

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started reading style books on a consistent basis and most of the advice given is “common sense.”

But when I encountered this book, “The Meaning of Sunglasses,” it had a completely different take on fashion. Irreverent, satirical, and downright entertaining…that pretty much sums it up. Instead of waxing poetic about the wonders of a higher hem or a nipped waist, this little book points out the non sequiturs of fashion.

Do we really need to be told that skinny heels are out and chunky heels are in for fall? Do we have to update our wardrobes every 3-6 months to be relevant? How much power do designers hold over us and why do they make clothes that nobody wears just for the sake of museum archives?

the meaning of sunglasses style book

These pressing issues and more are discussed in “The Meaning of Sunglasses.” In alphabetical order according to topic, this cheeky tome is so spot on about the extremes of fashion that it’s hilarious. From the genius of Karl Lagerfield to the redundancy of low-slung belts, Hadley Freeman explains what a confusing yet exhilarating thrill it is for those who love fashion.

Fashion is a business and one of its core principles to stay in business is to always keep us a little unsatisfied so we keep coming back for more. There’s always some new and novel product to keep us shopping! The book doesn’t exactly give you a textbook definition of what good style is or what fashion must be…it pokes fun at “expert” fashion advice and suggests that you have fun with your wardrobe. After all, fashion is a way to express yourself and to have fun with clothes. So get that dress you’ve been coveting (since you can afford it) and who cares what other people say as long as it makes you feel confident!

Grab a copy and stay stylish!


Spotlight: Lolly Watches

stylepint lolly watches coconut

White watches have always been a staple for the summertime. But have you ever encountered a coconut scented one?

Lolly Watches created an awesome collection of scented watches (8 different scents) made from eco-resin. The white coconut watch takes me back to the warm sands of Hawaii, reminiscing of those lazy days sitting on the beach or lounging by the pool. I wear it with any colorful outfit for contrast and the watch is pretty durable so you can trek around town worry-free. Pair it with your favorite bracelets and bangles and have an arm party!

These watches are not only stylish but eco-friendly. Instead of plastic, the eco-resin is made from a softwood base, is hypoallergenic, and is BPA free. If you’re on the lookout for a plastic alternative, then this watch is for you! In the watch industry, there are limited types of materials that are sustainable and non-petroleum based but the tide is turning with new technological advances. There are more options now and the demand for better and safer products is growing. Lolly Watches is one of the few brands to meet this demand and at Magic Market Week, I got to chat with the founders who are truly passionate about their products.

What are your thoughts on Lolly and their scented watches?

Stylepint readers get 20% off Lolly watches with this discount code: stylepint20.


FashLit: Oh No She Didn’t

oh no she didn't clinton kelly book

I always knew that the hosts of “What Not To Wear” would branch into style books. In “On No She Didn’t” by Clinton Kelly, he heartily suggests you drop those fashion faux pas with comedic flair. If you’ve watched the show, you know he likes to joke around and in this book, it’s hilarious!

Put down those mom/boyfriend jeans and stop trying to make midi skirts a trend!

It all boils down to looking your age and staying relevant in this age. Clinton advises you to have a signature look but don’t overdo it. The best dressed people are often the ones you overlook because they blend into their environment, not the ones that stick out like a sore thumb.

oh no she didn't clinton kelly book

Most of the fashion advice is common sense like avoid VPL (visible panty lines) and stop wearing black all the time because it’s not always slimming or chic. But there are some other items he mentions that is not about the clothes you wear. It’s about your posture, your confidence, and attempting to look older/younger than you actually are.

For me, the biggest thing is to avoid counterfeit products. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of Fashion Week and designer goods but most of us can’t afford it. Sure, it might be nice to have but it’s like pretending to be something you’re not. Inspired trends, not knockoffs, are what I try to adopt into my personal style. Reading “Oh No She Didn’t” is like having Clinton Kelly voiceover your favorite Buzzfeed fashion mistakes list. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, and it’s darn practical too!

So grab a copy and stay stylish!

What about Stacy London? Check out my review of her book, “The Truth about Style”.

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