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New Additions: January 2015

Stylepint new additions: Uniqlo heat tech tops, Jack Wills fair isle sweater and beanie #winter #flatlays

One of my goals for 2015 is to slow down my fashion consumption. So, I have a challenge for the new additions to my closet. Whenever I purchase something new, I try to remove two items in my current closet. I have also completed another  closet clean out during the new year. Hopefully, my closet will be functional and beautiful from this point forward.

Anything new must be versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits. I still maintain a budget and though I don’t thrift nearly as much as I used to, I make do with what I already own. There are still a few holes to fill, but overall, I’m content with the state of my closet.

Here are this month’s new additions:

Total Spent: $88

The Uniqlo layers have been really useful to wear under sweaters, vests, and tops. It keeps me warm without adding a lot of bulk. Though I initially thought they’d be good for winter sports, they’re invaluable for everyday base layers too.

As for the Jack Wills items, the sweater is more valuable to me than the beanie. I’ve worn the sweater multiple times already and the beanie, only a handful. Since the weather isn’t so terribly chilly, except in the evenings, I don’t need to wear the beanie as much.

So far, great start to the new year and I’m super under budget! ($200) Next month will be a spendy one because of a few special events but hopefully I won’t completely blow my budget.


Adding seasonal elements to a chambray dress is one of the benefits of a working wardrobe. When you have enough versatile pieces to mix and match, it’s easier to transition an item from warm weather looks to colder weather ones.

Since the chambray shirtdress is pretty basic, adding a few elements makes it adaptable for winter.

Stylepint winter outfit featuring Gap chambray dress, brown ankle boots, Zara scarf, green fedora, and braided belt #petite #fashion #casual

In this case, it’s a scarf, stockings, and ankle boots. Scarves are the best accessories since the bright colors and bold patterns add visual interest to an otherwise simple look. When it gets even colder, I wear a wool tank underneath for additional warmth. Adding layers is a necessity in the winter!

The hat is just a fun styling accessory and it ties in well with the green hues in the scarf.

Stylepint winter outfit featuring Gap chambray shirtdress, brown ankle boots, Zara scarf, green fedora, and braided belt #petite #fashion #casual

Gap chambray shirtdress || Zara scarf || Forever 21 fedora || BP ankle boots

How do you winterize your dresses?


Life: Weekend in Los Angeles

Stylepint vacation in los angeles, rock climbing in Sender One #rockgym #petite

This past weekend I went to Los Angeles to visit some friends.

I finally got to check out the relatively new rock gym, Sender One, and it was beautiful! Back at home, I tend to go to Planet Granite which is pretty nice, but this one…AH-MAZING! Since a few of our friends were new to climbing, we gave a short introductory “lesson”. I got to practice my teaching skills between climbing and belaying friends. After rock climbing for a few years now, I feel comfortable teaching others what I know. Though I’m not the best by any means, it’s a nice change to be the teacher instead of the student these days.

Stylepint vacation in Los Angeles,  The Iron Press fried chicken and waffles #food

No vacation trip, no matter how short, is complete without trying some new places to eat.

My friends took me to Braise & Crumble for snacky comfort food, Bella Serra Trattoria for Italian, and The Iron Press for chicken and waffles. The food scene has changed so much since I lived in Los Angeles, I can barely recognize it anymore. However, the food is so much better than I remember! The Iron Press was a pretty cool restaurant with delicious fried chicken and waffles.

I used to think that Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles were pretty good, but this place is my new love. Too bad I don’t live there anymore or I’d eat there all the time.

Got any favorite places to visit in Los Angeles? I’d love to know!


It’s another round flashbacks and this month, it’s the 2013 Outfit Recap!

If you are new and just tuning in, check out my past recaps down below starting from 2010. My style journey has made leaps and strides and in 2013, I guess you can say it’s the year that I gave up.

It was the year that I stopped blogging, I almost quit completely! So I didn’t have very many outfits to shoot. Still, there were some notable patterns that emerged from the first half of 2013.

2013 outfit recap, personal style

I wore a lot of blues, greens, and yellows. Especially yellows. I pushed myself to venture into the yellow hue since I’ve always been told that Asians don’t look good in yellow. Maybe that’s because my skin already has a sallowy hue or whatever, but it was just not a color I wore often. For some reason, I was obsessed with yellow and I had to try it out and see the results for myself.

Everyone has seasons of intense inspiration and a few blockages. I guess this was the year that I was completely uninspired and even my outfits show a lack of concern and thought. Sometimes, it’s ok not to care about looking fashionable or stylish. Sometimes, we need a fashion break.


Whenever I want to add a subtle play on texture, I reach for a lace tee. It’s versatile for work and casual looks because it’s in a neutral hue. Understated chic, I say.

Sometimes, it makes sense to play it safe when you’re not feeling bold. Keep it simple and classic. But it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Stylepint winter outfit: blue cardigan, Lucky lace tee, Theory skinny pants, leopard loafers, plaid flatcap #office #petite #style

M+O blue cardigan ||Lucky Brand lace tee || Theory black pants || Dolce Vita leopard loafers

 Adding a fun element like leopard loafers makes this outfit pop. When I have to walk around a lot, I prefer flats to heels. As much as I love the height a heel gives, flats are just more comfortable. It doesn’t matter that I’m petite, I embrace my height and accept life without the extra inches.

Do you think life is better in flats or heels?


For snowboarding gear, base layers are just as important and the jackets, pants, and outerwear accessories. It’s an often overlooked part of curating a winter sports wardrobe because we just don’t really think about it.

Do we need to get specific activewear base layers when we go snowboarding?

The short answer is no. But it helps.

Stylepint snowboarding base layers for winter sports #activewear

Uniqlo Heattech tops and leggings || Alternative Apparel sweatshirt || Icebreaker top and leggings || Smartwool top and socks || Gap sports bras || Lululemon and Dear Kate underwear

Base layers are the closest items against your skin and they should be comfortable. I prefer thin layers so it doesn’t feel bulky once you pile on your fleece insulators and waterproof shells.

I like to wear activewear base layers because of its wicking properties, keeping you warm and dry as you participate in activities like snowboarding or skiing. Most base layers come in wool or synthetic fabrics. They both pull moisture away and retain heat without leaving you cold and sweaty and uncomfortable. But each fabric has its own strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to wool, it’s my favorite fabric for these things since it says warm and has no smell. But it does get a bit bulky if you need lots of warmth. Synthetics like the Uniqlo Heattech line are great as a very thin base layer, however it tends to accumulate a stench over time. It washes out, but it does get a little smelly after a long day on the mountain.

Picking your base layers is all about personal preference, so it’s really up to you which way to go!


One of my favorite winter items is a fair isle sweater. It’s cozy and it has just enough print to make it interesting. I used to have an awesome one but it became too small in the wash. So it’s only recently that I found another fair isle sweater that would become part of my closet essentials.

As much as love wearing sweaters with pants, I often find that it makes me look like a giant rectangle. So instead, I paired it with a beautiful velvet skirt. The flared silhouette creates a feminine look that’s chic and comfortable.

Stylepint winter outfit: fair isle sweater, velvet swing skirt, plaid coat, tights, heels #petite #fashion #winter

My plaid coat is an underdog. In the past, I only wore it a handful of times but recently, it’s what I’m drawn to wearing. Even though it’s not as thick and warm and I’d like it, it works on warmer winter days. The pattern makes it a statement piece and while keeping everything else monochromatic, it’s perfection!

I might have to feature this coat more often because it’s pretty awesome.

Stylepint winter outfit: fair isle sweater, velvet swing skirt, tights, heels #petite #fashion #winter

Jack by BB Dakota plaid coat || Jack Wills fair isle sweater || vintage velvet skirt || Beatrix Ong heels

This winter, I’ve been pushing for more feminine looks and I guess, it’s about time. I’ve worn pants for far too long and since the weather isn’t super terrible, it allows me to wear more skirts and dresses without worrying about the coldness. I don’t know how people in other states get by without heavy layers.

Are you a fair isle sweater lover?