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Fashion for Hope: Boditecture

boditecture dress

It was last August when I first encountered Boditecture.

Convertible clothing for the girl who wants to transform her look with one article of clothing. Such an ingenious concept that I’ve often wondered why designers don’t make more of these type of garments. I love it when clothes can change around so you can wear them in different ways. It maximizes the number of wears and decreases the chances of someone remembering that you wore that item already!

I went to the Boditecture Fashion Show a few weeks back and it was so fun!

boditecture convertible dress

From simple LBDs that change into formal gowns, or scarves that turn into tops, it was so creative! A swift change in the position of the hooks, magnets, and ribbons makes a world of difference. I loved the silky fabrics, the simple silhouettes, and the glamorous outfits. Purple and pink were the main colors of the collection, but the black ensembles were also just as interesting.


 To find out more about Boditecture, go here.

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